Graveworm Press

Cleveland, Ohio

Est. 1996

Graveworm Press is an independent press established in 1996 in Lakewood, Ohio. In the late 1990s it produced several "fiction single" titles and published a zine called The Inflated Graveworm. Between 2003 and 2023 Graveworm Press was largely dormant, exclusively publishing novels by Jack Beltane. On Halloween 2023, the Graveworm Press trade name was renewed for the purpose of publishing The Inflated Graveworm and books of dark literature.

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The Inflated Graveworm is a zine devoted to dark literature that is published quarterly. Print copies are distributed FREE in Lakewood, Ohio, and epub copies are available if you join the Graveworm Press patreon. To guarantee an issue, you can subscribe to the print issue or join our patreon for epub issues (some patreon tiers also include print copies mailed to your hovel). The Inflated Graveworm is not reproduced online as a web site.

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A very brief history of The Inflated Graveworm

The Inflated Graveworm was a Cleveland-area zine from the 90s centered on dark fiction, poetry, and art. It enjoyed a three-year run from September 1996 to February 1999, with nine bimonthly issues in print and 11 monthly issues online. In 1998 it even won a "Best of Cleveland" award from the Cleveland Free Times. Then it vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.


In November 2002, The Inflated Graveworm was reborn as a quarterly zine, back in print and still given away to the tune of 100 copies in Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio.

In December 2003 it vanished again, with issue #24. Submissions had dried up. The Worm was feeling old and withered.

After a 20-year slumber, the Worm inched its way back to the surface! Look for it in Lakewood, Ohio—still quarterly, still free, and still in print. This time will be better than all the rest, we promise.

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Imbolc 2024 (#26)

Winter 2023 (#25)

Summer 2003 (#24)

Spring 2003 (#23)

Winter 2003 (#22)

Autumn 2002 (#21)

Submit to the Worm!

Send us your dark fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and artwork and we may print it!

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